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Corporate Profile

The first Sino-American fund management company in mainland China

Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Co., Ltd. (“IGW”) is one of the leading fund management companies in mainland China, with multi-asset investment capabilities and leading equities expertise. It was incorporated on 12 June 2003, with a registered capital of CNY 130 million and is headquartered in Shenzhen. IGW is currently 49% owned by Great Wall Securities, 49% by Invesco Asset Management Ltd, 1% by Kailuan Group, and 1% by Shide Group.

As the first Sino-American fund management company in mainland China, IGW has combined best global practices with deep local knowledge, and developed a variety of investment capabilities with strong support from Invesco, built a strong collegial culture and teams with local talents, delivered solid and consistent results to our clients over the long term, and built up unique systems and platforms for investment, marketing and risk control.

With outstanding performance, strong investment teams, robust management and high-quality resources, IGW has rapidly expanded its business across the local market. We set up branches in Beijing in April 2006 and later in Shanghai and Guangzhou in December 2008. In September 2013, Invesco Great Wall Asset Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, the wholly owned subsidiary of IGW, was incorporated.

IGW has established strong channel relationships with top banks, leading securities houses, and major third-party sales institutions, creating a widespread sales network and attracting millions of clients. Currently, IGW is offering a complete line of products featuring different risk/return profiles.

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